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Multi-disciplinary, full-service engineering company
Long history of successfully completing design projects


"We Deliver More Than We Promise"

To satisfy our customers' needs by providing the highest quality, true value-added engineering, on time every time, at a reasonable cost, through our team of dedicated professionals demonstrating an honest team approach to excellence in all our endeavors.



Concept to Completion

Covering the complete project: civil/structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and project management

Experienced engineers are registered in multiple states. CV Engineering also has an international office in India.


Civil Engineering


Site utilities

Storm water

Facility layouts

Infrastructure planning

Site Development

Parking lots
Railroad track


Caissons, piling, shoring, retaining walls
Water retaining structures
Utility tunnels

Building foundations

Equipment foundations


Structural Engineering

3D analysis

Dynamic analysis

Industrial Buildings
Platforms, equipment supports

Transmission towers


Room layouts
Space planning, utilization
ADA, UFAS, building code compliance


Flow diagrams
P&I diagrams

Process instrumentation
Layout, sizing, specification, supports
Pipe stress analysis


Condition assessments & energy audits
Heat load analysis
Building ventilation design
Heating and cooling systems

Mechanical Engineering

Plant/facility layouts
Equipment design & specification

Industrial Water Systems

Electrical Engineering

Substation Design
Plant Power Distribution
Overhead Distribution Lines
Underground Duct Banks
Raceway Layouts
Raceway, Cable and Termination Schedules
Lighting Design
Grounding and Lightning Protection
Cathodic Protection
Smoke Alarms and Safety Systems
Short Circuit, Relay Coordination and Harmonic Analysis
Arc Flash Studies



Deliver solid design experience
Provide proactive involvement throughout the project
Maintain client-centered quality assurance process
Develop strong relationships with clients

Big River Steel

Flat Rolling Facility, Osceola, Arkansas

This new Flat Rolling Facility situated on a 1300-acre greenfield site producing high quality steels. CV Engineering is providing comprehensive design and engineering services across all disciplines for the entire facility including associated infrastructure and ancillary facilities. The Hot Mill Complex contains electric arc furnace, ladle metallurgical furnace, RH degasser, thin slab caster, tunnel furnace, and hot rolling mill. The Cold Mill Complex houses continuous pickle line, tandem cold mill, continuous galvanizing line, annealing furnaces, and skin pass mill. During this phase, Big River Steel will produce 1.5 MM tons of steel.

Mississippi Silicon

Silicon Metals Plant, Burnsville, Mississippi

CV Engineering provided construction engineering services for the installation of a silicon metals manufacturing facility on a 100-acre greenfield site. The plant is equipped with two 24MW submerged arc furnaces and associated raw material handling, dust collection, casting, product handling, and auxiliary facilities. CV Engineering was involved in all design aspects of the new facility including site work, civil/structural, mechanical , piping and electrical. One unique aspect of this project involved integrated platform and building structures. Mississippi Silicon will produce 30,000 tons of purified silicon.

BlueOak Arkansas

E-Waste Recycling Facility, Osceola, Arkansas

First of its kind E-Waste Recycling facility to extract precious metals. CV Engineering provided total engineering services for the installation on a greenfield site.The plant is equipped with a plasma arc furnace and associated granulation and auxiliary facilities. It is designed to process electrical and electronics wastes for recovery of copper and precious metals.

SEVERSTAL (Steel Dynamics)

Flat Rolling Facility, Columbus, MS

CV Engineering was the prime engineering company for this Flat Rolling Facility situated on a 1400-acre greenfield site. Project included all aspects of the mill across all disciplines. The Hot Mill Complex included electric arc furnaces, ladle metallurgical furnaces, vacuum tank degassers, thin slab casters, tunnel furnaces, and hot rolling mill. Cold Mill Complex included continuous pickle line, tandem cold mill, continuous galvanizing line, annealing furnaces, and temper mill. Particular features included extensive site work and railroad track work along with design of the water system.  The designed capacity of the plant is over 3.0 MM tons per year.

More Projects


State of Ceara, Brazil

Infrastructure Study for 60,000-acre Pecem Industrial Complex. This master plan for major tenants like Steel Mills, Gasification Plants and Ancillary Industries included planning and use of property with roads, railroads, intermodal transportation, small airstrip, sanitary sewer system, solid waste, water systems, electricity requirements, township development, and undisturbed green lands.


Ghent, Kentucky

Design and construction services for site development, roadways, pile foundation, complete electrical design, and nitrogen piping for purge systems. This project featured a DRI unloading and storage system which included a floating barge with unloading crane and a belt conveyor system of one mile of conveyors, storage silos, and furnace day bins.


Fairfield, Alabama

New Melt Shop Facility consisted of Electrical Arc Furnace, Vacuum Tank Degasser, Flux and Alloy Handling System, Gas Cleaning Plant, water system, and associated auxiliaries. CV Engineering designed building and equipment foundations, building and platform structures, process piping, HVAC, and electrical systems including the Main Receiving Substation and Auxiliary Power Distribution.


Dearborn, Michigan

Provided engineering and design services for installation of pickle line and tandem cold mill, including foundation design for  HVAC, Mechanical, Piping, 138kV/34.5 Substations, and process electrics.


Terre Haute, Indiana

Project consisted of comprehensive engineering and project management for development of new Cold Rolling Complex along with auxiliary support facilities in all disciplines including site development, civil/structural, mechanical, and electrical.


Nucor Steel Hickman, AR       ..  Twin Tank Car Degasser for flat rolled facility

Nucor Steel Hertford, NC        .. Vacuum Tank Degasser for the plate mill

Nucor Steel Wallingford, CT   .. New Reheat Furnace and Roughing Mill Upgrade

Nucor Steel Memphis, TN       .. Off-line and In-line NDT Testing Facilities and                                                                 Straightener Relocation

North American Stainless, KY.. Annealing and Pickling Line, and Polishing and                                                               Grinding Line for the Stainless Steel Facility

Outokumpu, AL(ThyssenKrupp)Water Distribution System, Passive Coil Annealing                                                         Furnace, and Slab Temperature Holding                                                                         Furnace for the Stainless Steel Facility

AM/NS Calvert, AL                   .. Electrical and Utility Distribution Systems


SGL Carbon Group, AR            .. Graphite Electrode Manufacturing Facility                                                                       Expansion

County and Federal                 .. Allegheny County, Pittsburgh Housing Authority,                                                            Veterans Administration, Pittsburgh International                                                          Airport, Pennsylvania Department of                                                                                Transportation

Kalyan Sennerikuppam


Mr. Kalyan Sennerikuppam has over 25 years of experience in project management, technology, and staffing. Kalyan’s experience includes project management, project planning, proposal evaluations, estimation, and installation coordination. He is a hands-on project manager, focusing on project deliverables and resource management. Kalyan’s focus includes supplying clients with current drawing lists, monitoring engineering progress, evaluating vendor information, coordinating with field personnel, writing general specifications, preparing bid documents, and preparing estimates. He has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and is a member of AIST, AISE, and IEEE.

Sharat Gottumukkala

Executive Vice President of Operations

Mr. Gottumukkala has over 15 years of experience in engineering and project management. His experience includes engineering management, construction engineering, plant layouts, proposals, proposal evaluations, estimates in the heavy metals industry. He has extensive experience in mini mills. Mr. Gottumukkala also has in-depth experience in receiving substations, primary substations, distribution substations, substation layouts and design, safety systems, lighting, and design of conduit systems, and power distribution. He is a hands-on project manager, supplying clients with monitoring engineering progress, and value-added solutions for field problems. Mr. Gottumukkala is also familiar with coordinating with the client; writing general specifications; preparing bid documents; evaluating bids; and preparing estimates. He has a degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and is a member of AIST, IEEE and PMI.

Paul M. Kavsak, P.E.

Civil/Structural Department Manager

Mr. Kavsak has 40 years’ experience in Civil/Structural design, engineering, and management. While with CVE he has been involved with several of the leading names in the Steel Industry including Big River Steel, Steel Dynamics, United States Steel, Pro-Tec, Liberty Steel LaPlace, JSW, NUCOR Steel and Timken Steel. Recent projects are the USS - Fairfield Works Electric Arc Furnace restart program, The USS/PRO TEK/KobeSteel Continuous Galvanizing Line, The Nucor Steel Kankakee MBQ Mill, and Continuous Caster and Stirring Station with Alloy Handling System addition, and the Nucor Brandenburg Plate Mill.

Mr. Kavsak has also extensive service in pulp and paper, printing, manufacturing industries while serving as the Chief Civil Structural Engineer and Vice President of a southeastern Multi- disciplined Consulting Engineering firm. Responsibilities included project development, scope, schedules and budget, scheduling resources for all aspects of engineering design – field surveys, investigations, design, and CAD work; and coordination his departments efforts with the mechanical and electrical departments and any consultants that they were working with.
Mr. Kavsak has also worked with municipalities and state dots for bridge, highways and street and utilities improvements/design projects. Mr. Kavsak has also worked with the US Army corps of Engineers, the Marines, The Air Force and Navy located in Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolina.

Mr. Kavsak has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Penn State in Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology. He is a registered Professional Engineer in six states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, and Alabama.

Priyanka Das

Mechanical Department Manager

Ms. Das has 15 years of experience in mechanical, piping, & HVAC design. She has experience in Coordination, Management, Engineering, designing & drafting. Ms. Das has been Involved in detailed piping for cooling water, wastewater, fire protection, hydraulic, steam, oil and grease lubrication, compressed air, natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and potable water supply systems. And provided all necessary information and drawings required for construction.

Duties included monitoring progress, review vendor information, provide technical & design guidance to the designers, sizing pumps, equipment layout drawings, providing piping & valves material specification with applicable codes, bill of materials, support design, pipe sizing, routing & checking, and designing flow diagrams. Coordinating with other departments for interferences. Heat loss & cooling load calculations for steel mill electrical, pulpit, locker rooms & administrative buildings. And ventilation calculations for transformer rooms. Sizing HVAC units. And approving Vendor HVAC equipment drawings

Ms. Das has performed work for several steel mill facilities including Nucor steel, Brandenburg, KY – Plate Mill Facility; Nucor Steel, Kankakee, IL – Continuous Casting Facility and their Bar Mill Facility; Nucor Steel, Gallatin, KY – Pickling & Galvanizing Facility; Big River Steel, Osceola, AR – Flat Rolling Facility and their Phase 2 Cold Mill Facility; and US Steel, Fair Field, AL – Melt Shop Facility.

Ms. Das has degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Civil Engineering.

Jack Caldart

Assistant Mechanical Department Manager

Mr. Caldart has over 45 years of experience in piping engineering and department management. His experience includes engineering management, piping layouts, construction engineering, piping construction estimates, pipe sizing, specifications, installation, along with equipment sizing and instrument selection in the heavy metals industry, chemical industry and manufacturing. He has extensive experience in integrated steel mills, mini-mills, aluminum, and locomotive engine industries along with designing natural gas transmission piping. His experience includes HVAC design and equipment selection for transformer and electrical rooms. His experience includes solving various field piping issues during and after installation and developing solutions for existing process issues. He is hands-on in the design and familiar with the parts of

the entire project pertaining to civil structural, and electrical. He works and communicates well with other disciplines of the project. Mr. Caldart is familiar with contacting and requesting vendor information. He is familiar with ASME, ASTM, NFPA, and ASHRAE codes and has over two years

of mechanical engineering credits.

Sravani Balla

Electrical Department Coordinator

Ms. Balla has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and 4 years of experience in Electrical Design and Coordination. She has good experience in Design & Engineering of different Electrical Packages like Single Line Diagrams, Embedded Conduits, Grounding, Lighting, Cable Trays, and Raceway Schedules.

MS. Balla has worked on the Electrical Design of several steel mill facilities including Nucor Steel, Kankakee, IL - Continuous Casting Facility; Nucor Steel, Brandenburg, KY – Plate Mill Facility; Big River Steel, Osceola, AR – Tunnel Furnace.

Narender Akubathini, P.E.

Chief Structural Engineer

Mr. Akubathini is a Registered Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in Civil/Structural Engineering and Project Management areas. Experience includes analysis and design of new and existing steel and concrete structures, estimating, proposal preparation, scheduling, design coordination, supervision, and monitoring. Experience includes building framing, connection designs, building foundation designs, equipment foundations for process lines, melt shops, casting facilities, and rolling mills, design of platform steel structures and equipment supports, towers, water tanks, and crane runway systems for light and heavy industrial buildings. Also knowledgeable in the areas of storm water drainage and site development. Also performed feasibility studies, prepared estimates, managed projects and supervised teams of designers and engineers. Experience includes the areas of hot and cold mills, flat rolled mills, and public housing. In addition to project engineering and management, also managed company's human resources and finances.

Mr. Akubathini has master’s degrees in Structural Engineering and in Business Administration. He is well versed in Computer Software - STAAD. He is a registered Professional Engineer in several states i.e., Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. Mr. Akubathini is a member of AISC, ASCE, NSPE, and ASHE.

Bob Whitacre

Manager – Design and Drafting

Mr. Whiteacre has over 48 years of experience in design engineering, architecture, and site development. His experience includes topographical mapping, modifications to existing buildings, design of new buildings and foundations, retaining walls, storm water management, erosion control measures, culverts, roads and track work, and steel detailing. He is extensively involved in site layouts, building layouts, and made design and detail drawings for foundations, structures, as well as preparing room finish schedules, door schedules, and other architectural details. On several occasions Mr. Whiteacre has been involved in on-site field engineering, project management, construction monitoring, and coordination, including taking field

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measurements, field inspections, assessing conditions, and cataloguing improvements. He is very knowledgeable in areas of federal ADA/UFAS compliance and renovations and involved in inspection of government housing facilities for upgrades and code compliances. He has worked on several United States Steel site projects, Big River Steel (Steel Dynamics), and several Nucor Steel project latest being Kankakee and Brandenburg. He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.

Thomas F. Schumacher, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer – Water Systems

Mr. Schumacher has 48 years’ experience in Industrial Water, Wastewater, Cooling and Process Water Systems Design. Over the years Mr. Schumacher has Design Group Personnel Management, Proposal Preparation and Budget Management, Site Survey and Background Collection/Assessment, Development of P&IDs, Specification Development, Final responsibility of all Facilities Layout and Design, In-house Coordination of all Design Disciplines, Facilities Start- up, Project Management, P&IDs and Process Mechanical Layout and Design, and Interface with Clients. On Design/Build projects Equipment Purchasing and Expediting was also included. Projects included both Industrial and Municipal.

Mr. Schumacher has a Bachelor of Science in Water Resource Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and has graduate credits in Environment Engineering. He has a Pennsylvania, Sanitary/Environmental license.

Rohit Bhimanathi

Project Engineer – Mechanical

Mr. Rohit Bhimanathi has over 12 Years of experience in Mechanical/Piping Design Engineering and Project coordination. His experience includes project coordination on all aspects of Steel Mill projects. Starting with water systems design, Site Development, Mill Buildings, Foundations, Piping, and electrical areas. He is well versed in communicating with Clients, Equipment Suppliers, Vendors and Construction contractors.

Mr. Bhimanathi has coordinated several CV Engineering projects such as SeverStal (now SDI), Columbus, Mississippi; Big River Steel, Osceola, Arkansas, Flat Rolling Facility Phase 1 and Phase 2; Blue Oak Arkansas, Osceola, Arkansas, Electronic Recycling Plant; Nucor Steel Kankakee, Kankakee, Illinois, Merchant Bar Quality Mill; Nucor Steel Kingman, Kingman, Arizona, Melt Shop Restart Study; Nucor Steel Gallatin Mill Expansion Project, Gallatin, Kentucky; and ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel (Outokumpu Steel) Calvert, Alabama.

Mr. Bhimanathi holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Kristopher Mott

Designer/Project Coordinator

Mr. Mott has over 15 years of experience in engineering and project management, with much of his career concentrated on Mechanical and Piping Design. His experience includes mechanical layout and design for multiple combined-cycle and solar power plants, design, and project coordination of natural gas compression facilities, as well as mechanical design and project coordination of steel mill facilities. While his background is heavily Mechanical, he has experience in all disciplines including multiple field assignments throughout his career. Mr. Mott also has significant experience writing Mechanical specifications, reviewing bids, providing estimates, scheduling, and budgeting.

Mr. Mott has an Associate’s degree in Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting and Design.



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